Severe Flooding Impacts Sandy Point

This picture was taken 12/27/2022 by Ralph Peterson, a Sandy Point resident. The truck you see driving through the waters is heading southbound on Sucia Dr. The flooding originated by King Tides that were predicted for many coastal areas but this time, the waters failed to recede. The reasons why the water has still not fully receded will be researched and analyzed in the weeks and months to come. Our focus now is helping our community rebound from the event.

Many households were affected. We have have designed a survey that we are sharing now to aid in gathering information on how many of our neighbors were affected. We are interested in finding out the extent of not only structural damage, but damage to vehicles, landscaping and other types of impacts like not being able to leave or return to a home, loss of income, etc. We have also seen heartbreaking photos of newly opened Christmas presents floating in muddy water.

If requested, we also want to be a source to help residents fill out and submit damage assessment paperwork. We know there are many elderly residents here and those that may not feel comfortable with technology. We will assist! Please help us share the survey as well this page as we seek both corporate and personal donations of any amount to assist those in need however we can.

Click here for the survey if you were affected.

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