Plant Swap 2019 – Free!

🍅🥦🌽Garden Swap🌷🌼🌻
March 24 10am-11:30am (or until items are gone). Click here to RSVP

Start saving your seeds, starting your starts and saving pots! We had so much fun last year! We swapped dahlias, sedum, iris, tulips, lilacs, hollyhock, vegetable starts and much more!

Plants aren’t the only items that can be swapped at the plant swap. You can bring your once-loved gardening books, unwanted seed packets, statuary, gardening magazines, gently used tools and watering cans, bird feeders, baths and houses.

There is no charge, the point of this event is to meet fellow gardeners and exchange gardening items or plants that you have too many of for something different!

Please bring a friend and let us know what you plan on bringing for the swap. Let’s have fun!