Hand Sanitizer!

The Foundation is delighted to distribute hand sanitizer to the Sandy Point Community. The sanitizer was made by and purchased in bulk from BelleWood Acres Distillery on the Guide Meridian.

We will distribute to residents of our community while supplies last. One per household please. We have 6oz bottles available now and will have 16oz bottles available in about a week.

These are free but if you would like to make a donation to our 501c3 Foundation we would not turn it down! You can send donations by check to 4313 Saltspring Dr Ferndale, Wa 98248. Make your check out to SPCEF please.

Your donations make it possible to do more great things for our community. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about a project we are working on with the Sandy Point Community Council and their tennis court property near Agate Lake.

Thank you all for your support!